Emergency and exit lighting systems are a critical part of any building or workplace, whether business or residential. These systems provide basic lighting and exit signage to help ensure occupants are able to exit out of the building in an emergency. These light fittings contain batteries and charging units and automatically illuminate when there is a loss of power. They must be regularly maintained within strict guidelines.

Orange Electrical provide emergency evacuation light testing across Brisbane
that conforms to Australian standards AS2293. The standards require regular
periodical 6 monthly testing including:

  • Revamping of expired tubes and lamps
  • Adequate electrical supply
  • Discharge tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Replacement of non compliant fitting and batteries
  • Log / record of fitting details and test procedures


Six – Monthly Procedures

  • Visual check of all emergency and exit lights for mains operation.
  • Check for operation of maintained exit lights.
  • Where manual discharge test facility is present, operate test switch / circuit breaker to simulate a power failure.
  • The emergency and exit lights shall remain illuminated for not less than 90miniutes.
  • Restore the emergency and exit lights to normal charging condition.
  • Check operation of all maintained exit lights and all charge indicators.
  • Report any failures on test sheets and service repair reports.

Twelve – Monthly Procedures

  • Carry out all checks as per six-monthly procedures.
  • Clean all emergency and exit lighting diffusers as required.
  • Visual check to ensure that the emergency and exit lighting operates in correct relationship to the normal lighting in the designated areas.
  • Replacement batteries are to be of the same type and ampere – hour capacity.
  • Discharge time for new batteries shall be 1.33 of the 90 minute discharge test (Two Hours).