Switchboard Upgrade & Repairs in Brisbane


Upgrade your switchboard with Orange Electrical for a safe and efficient electrical system. We specialise in switchboard upgrades, replacements, and repairs, ensuring compliance with Queensland legislation. Our licensed and insured electricians deliver quality services for homes in Brisbane.


Why Upgrade Your Switchboard?

Ensure Adequate Electrical Support: Older homes may struggle to handle the electrical demands of multiple appliances simultaneously. Upgrading your switchboard ensures it can handle high electrical loads, reducing the risk of overheating and electrical fires.

RCD Safety Switches: Protect your family from electrocutions by installing RCD safety switches. As per Queensland legislation, multiple RCD safety switches should be fitted to protect power and light circuits. Our expert electricians will ensure your switchboard meets safety requirements.

Eliminate Fuses: Fuses pose a fire hazard and are illegal to use. Upgrading your switchboard eliminates fuses, preventing dangerous scenarios like arcing and cable melting. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your electrical system is safe.

Asbestos-Free Upgrade: Many older switchboards contain asbestos, which can be harmful if mishandled. Our trained and licensed electricians perform proper asbestos removal during switchboard upgrades, prioritising your safety.


Switchboard Upgrade Services

Orange Electrical offers comprehensive switchboard upgrade services in Brisbane:

  • New black board installation
  • 18 pole enclosure for maximum space
  • Clear labeling for each circuit
  • Installation of new main switch and RCD safety switches
  • Circuit breakers for individual circuits
  • Fire retardant sealant in cable penetrations
  • Instrumental tests for cable insulation resistance, fault loop independence, and
  • RCD operation
  • Compliance with regulatory standards
  • Electrical Safety Certificate issuance

Our switchboard upgrade services do not include surge protection or rectifying faults identified during instrumental tests. We can also assist with earthing system installation or repairs at an additional cost.







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